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The Right To Unionise

By Ed McDonnell

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How most people will always have to

relate to make their living is shockingly

unequal, if not unionised. It is weighted

grossly unfairly in favour of business

people and public sector managers.

It is amongst the most wrongful things

about our economic and political

systems. Not just in how people

suffer in this vital task of making

a living but also in the annexing of

wealth and in political power.

The Right To Unionise shows just how

it is unfair, and why unionising should

be a right, and union conditions

expected, in all jobs.

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The Right To Unionise is taken

from How We Relate In Business,

Work & Politics, that is at

The Right To Unionise includes

summaries of How We Relate,

here separately in large text

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The Ten Minute Read.pdf

The Twenty Minute Read.pdf

REVIEWS of How We Relate -

North West Labour History -

far from an academic handbook on

your rights at work; has the feel of

the shop floor.

The late Tony Benn, socialist activist

and politician -

a great book to explain the essentials.


Ed McDonnell is a retired lecturer who

taught courses for union workplace

reps/shop stewards and has been

active in the labour movement and

class politics for fifty years. In the UK.


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